About Us




Field & Function is a personal training and group training facility located in Abbotsford, owned and operated by Linda Bernardi and Chris Lilley. In 2014 Linda moved her outdoor bootcamp from Richmond and joined forces with Chris to open Field & Function in the sleepy backstreets of Abbotsford. The gorgoeous light-filled warehouse enables us to run group classes and personal training sessions throughout the day and unaffected by weather. 


The coaching team at Field & Function have varied fitness backgrounds which is not only beneficial to the trainers learning and development but is also a dynamic environment and highly beneficial  for our members. Our approach to session programming and delivery is consistent and built around a passion for purposeful and highly efficient functional training. 

The team of personal trainers at Field & Function are passionate about health and fitness and healthy living. Naturally, we get a great deal of satisfaction from seeing you reach your health and fitness goals. We understand that people come to us for various reasons from the fun and social aspect to weight loss and improved fitness, to recreational athletes who take their sport super seriously. Collectively we believe in leading by example, by walking our talk and regularly set our own goals be it small or big, as a team we encourage each other to reach those goals. In fairness and equality the same coaching method is applied to our clients. 


WHAT TO EXPECT AT FIELD & FUNCTION?  group training abbotsford

Generally we don't refer to ourselves as a gym, all training is carried out under supervision of a Personal Trainer. We don't have any pin-loaded equipment, televisions, mirrors, or rows of cardio machines.  Instead, we have a structured class timetable operating Monday through to Sunday & appointment only personal training.  The fit out comprises of our lush green faux grass, a purpose built sled run, custom built monkey bars, squat racks, battle ropes, kettle bells, plyo boxes, deadballs, TRX units, concept 2 rowers, ski ergs, assualt bikes and lots of other functional toys. Like your run of the mill gym, we have premium shower and changing facilities, hair tongs and all!