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personal training abotsfordChris Lilley / Owner & Director (CURRENTLY FULL) 

Specialties: Strength & Conditioning, Functional Strength, Kettlebells, TRX.

Chris is a strength & conditioning specialist and our official handyman about the place. Chris trained and competed in Triathlons in Canberra where he also took up Cross Fit before moving to Melbourne. Chris is extremely patient which makes him an excellent coach particularly for strength training & lifting. Qualifications & More information




personal trainer collingwoodLinda Bernardi / Owner & Director | IS ON MAT LEAVE FROM 12 JAN - END MAY 2018

Specialties: Functional Strength, Conditioning, HIIT, TRX & Boxing

Linda began working in the fitness industry as both a Group Fitness Instructor and Personal Trainer way back in 2002. Noticing that people often perform better and beyond their own expectations in group training and the results that come with it, Linda rebranded her outdoor Bootcamp buisness in 2014 to open Field & Function and help people get results and enjoy the group training experience. Qualifications & More information.


personal trainer kewDavid Martin-Forero

Specialties: Strength Training, HIIT & TRX

David has come all the way from Madrid where he began his career in the fitness industry in 2005. Along the way he has gained various certifications from weightlifting with the Spanish Weightlifting Federation, Elements Certification (mobility & myofascial applications), various aquatics certifications and GRIT with Les Mills international. David enjoys using a range of functional equipment for greater variety and dynamic movement in your training sessions. Qualifications and More information




personal trainer richmondTiff Riemer

Specialties: Functional Training, Strength, Pre + Post Natal, TRX + Rip Trainer 

Tiff joins us at Field & Function after a long career in the top end of the hospitality industry and has a strong desire to help people move better and ultimately feel better in their life. Tiff is a natural communicator and is particularly great at breaking down exercises and getting her clients to move really well. Tiff believes strongly that training sessions should be challenging, interesting and achievable. Qualifications & More Information




personal trainer richmondManny Sambenedetto

Specialties: Strength & conditioning, Functional Training & Sports Specific Training

Manny has been a personal trainer & sports coach since 2012. Growing up Manny participated in football, basketball and athletics and studied at the ISSA Europe Fitness School in Milan. A typical workout with Manny would include a variety of functional equipment and multi joint exercises that require core activation. Whether you are new to training, returning from injury or at an advanced level you can expect that Manny will work towards correcting any asymatries and enhancing your performace in desired actives. Qualifications & More Information


personal trainer richmond Meg Connelly

Specialties: Strength, Functional Training, TRX + HIIT

Meg is extremley passionate about health and fitness and has been a personal trainer since 2014 and has also completed a degree in Health Science. Meg has worked as a trainer in a big box gym and more recently worked in a functional training facility in Vancouver and joins us to continue working in a smaller community based Group and PT environment. Qualifications & More Information 




personal trainer collingwoodLouisa Barbieri  

Specialties: Functional Training, HIIT, Sports Training 

Louisa has an extensive background in group training having initially started her fitness career in 2002 as a Group Fitness Instructor teaching les Mills Programs (Body Pump, Body Attack, RPM & GRIT). Louisa works with Les Mills Asia Pacific as a presenter and trainer for Body Attack and GRIT programs. Lou is a genuinely brilliant coach and an inspiring fitness professional. Louisa is not available at the moment for Personal Training but you can train with her in our Functional classes on Thursday at 6am & 6.30pm as well as Friday 12.30pm. Qualifications & More Information 



personal trainer richmondRicky Nguyen 

Specialties: Boxing, Sports Training, Functional Training

Ricky's enjoyment of fitness and health comes from his junior years playing soccer. A natural ahtlete, Ricky picked up some player awards along the way including a highly prized "Player Of The Year" award. His style of training revolves around being an all round explosive athlete through Plyometric, Strength & Conditioning and Boxing for fitness. Qualifications & More Information.